Isn’t it about time that you invested some of your hard earned cash towards making the tiled flooring in your commercial building up to par? We are not talking about the vast expense of replacing your tiled flooring but rather about hiring the services of a professional commercial floor stripping team. Apex Janitorial of Sarasota FL are professional floor strippers and cleaners.

We have been in the commercial cleaning business for over 35 years and provide a vast array of commercial cleaning services in the Sarasota FL region for many years. Special procedures must be followed in order to strip your floor tiles properly. Our service technicians will condone off the area in which they are working, so as not to disrupt the running of your business.

When you hire a company such as ours, disruptions are a thing of the past. Our technicians use commercially prepared cleaning and stripping solutions so that the job gets done within a reasonable time frame. Some of our services include; closing off the area, adding barriers, sweeping, applying the solution, running our specialized equipment that is designed to stripping the tiles of accumulated wax buildup, applying polish, and then buffering it to a glossy finish.

Nothing turns people off quicker than seeing old, dull, dirty yellowed tile flooring. We will strip and polish your tiled flooring so that they beauty of the tile shines through. Visitors to your business establishment will definitely notice the sparkle and shine of your tiled floor.

Word of mouth is powerful. Make sure that you give the look of your business premises, something to crow about, and with Apex Janitorial services of Sarasota, FL, you can!


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