Have you ever been excited to move into new office space but have found that the renovation crew has left more than enough construction materials lying around? This can definitely be an eyesore and be a danger for everyone.

Apex Janitorial provides commercial construction cleaning to customers living in the Sarasota FL area.

Sarasota commercial construction cleaning includes washing walls of dust, picking up debris, wiping the dust off of pipes and vents which can become laden with drywall powder, cleaning windows, cleaning baseboards, emptying trash, cleaning cabinets and desks, and much more. Although renovation crews often clean up after doing a job, they rarely remember to leave the place spotless.

Our professional cleaners also clean carpeting, bathrooms, office space, and reception areas. No stone is left unturned. Make the place where you construct your business as clean as possible. It will leave a lasting impression on existing customers and new ones as well.

Our commercial construction cleaning is affordable. It is done in a quick and timely manner. We take pride in the fact that we, at Apex Janitorial, provide cleaning services for commercial properties for a vast array of customers in the Sarasota FL region. Many of our customers have been hiring us for their commercial cleaning needs because they know that they can count on us to get their cleaning tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Remember if you have cleaning that needs to be taken care of, call Apex Janitorial. We would be more than glad to assist you in all of your commercial cleaning needs, so you can continue running your business without any disruption of service.

We are a dependable, affordable, and efficient professional cleaning company and would love to add your company to our list of satisfied customers!

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