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In order to keep your office clean and germ free it in important that it gets a consistent and thorough cleaning. Remember that first impressions are vital in the business world, and any time you meet a new client or potential one. Many commercial and corporate businesses hire commercial office cleaners such as the team at Apex Janitorial. We are bonded, licensed, and insured commercial office cleaners in Sarasota, FL.  Our janitorial company has been in the office and commercial cleaning business for over 35 years and have had many satisfied customers.

Although you may try to clean the office yourself, there is much more to it that simply tidying your desk. Dirt, dust, and the amount of traffic that you have in your office and reception area can build up really fast. When we are hired to clean an office in Sarasota, FL, we use heavy duty professional cleaning products and equipment. Our commercial vacuum uses the Hepa filter system, which has a four layer filtering system! With this office cleaning equipment and our expertise, you can rest assured knowing that your office will get a thorough and professional cleaning.

Our office cleaning service includes- emptying trash, dusting, washing windows, vacuuming carpets, straightening desk, and so forth. Our cleaning technicians are courteous and professional. They also do not go into areas that are off limits. Just let them know their boundaries before they start the job.

When you hire professional office cleaners in Sarasota FL, you can count on the dependable and professional office cleaner at Apex Janitorial. We also offer many other cleaning services so please do check out what we have to offer.

Our office cleaning service is affordable, dependable, and professional. Your office will look sparkling clean and smell clean as well. Give us a call today and hire us to do your office cleaning in Sarasota, FL.



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